science and religion

Faith v/s Belief … an unending contradiction !

540_293_resize_20130301_6b17abd785c08959712d6ce1508ee458_jpg FaithVsReasonfaith

What do I believe in??  ..On what do I have faith in?? ..Must I believe or have faith??
They are those alarming questions that has been riddling my mind since long. It kind of deceives my idea of being a rationalist in the way of thinking and a believer in the perspective of social acceptance. Delving into the depths and referring to many scripts, documentaries and projections by different capable minds, I came to a conclusion.

Faith, in all its aspects, is acceptance. Faith is undeniably an outcome of a conviction and is presumably the creator of determination and confidence. Faith can be referred to as a personal ideal or a feeling that one possesses and pursues throughout their lives. It could be on a religious figure, a totem, a person or an occurrence. It could be simply put forward as trusting one’s own thoughts, ideas and instincts. Whereas belief is a medium to channel faith.