The Swayed feeling of yesterday!

Do you remember the feeling that you felt when you kept pushing off what you really truly wanted to do for yourself and later kept reflecting about it?

Do you remember that instance when you understood and said to yourself, “This is what I want to do!!” and had that glint of determination in your eyes to do it?

Do you remember that amazement, that contempt, that pride, that euphoria that you experienced when you did what you wanted to do for ages and then you had this beautiful wide smile on your face?

Well, if you do, then you may be able to relate to whatever thoughts that I have put together here.


Faith v/s Belief … an unending contradiction !

540_293_resize_20130301_6b17abd785c08959712d6ce1508ee458_jpg FaithVsReasonfaith

What do I believe in??  ..On what do I have faith in?? ..Must I believe or have faith??
They are those alarming questions that has been riddling my mind since long. It kind of deceives my idea of being a rationalist in the way of thinking and a believer in the perspective of social acceptance. Delving into the depths and referring to many scripts, documentaries and projections by different capable minds, I came to a conclusion.

Faith, in all its aspects, is acceptance. Faith is undeniably an outcome of a conviction and is presumably the creator of determination and confidence. Faith can be referred to as a personal ideal or a feeling that one possesses and pursues throughout their lives. It could be on a religious figure, a totem, a person or an occurrence. It could be simply put forward as trusting one’s own thoughts, ideas and instincts. Whereas belief is a medium to channel faith.