Short Story

Everyone loves reading stories.
If they are shorter and can easily put a smile on your face, then the better.
But to show justice to any story, make sure you read it till the end.
Enjoy the stories!

The Boy from the Other side of the World

Far in the south western part of India, there is a beautifully vibrant place called Kerala. An Indian state that is known for its picturesque green landscapes, calm and serene backwaters, cultural ambiguity, pious people, spicy delicious food, ample vegetation, heartwarming ambience, classical and traditional music, multitude of heart-racing celebrations,  the natives – Malayalis and their devotionally alluring language, Malayalam.


The Meaning of life….in its simplest form!

12301315_1367729805  meaningoflife3

Life, in all its aspect is meaningful. Or so we believe. But there are questions that keep lingering in its meaningfulness.

  ‘Why is it so? Why do we think our life has a meaning? Or rather what is the meaning of life?’

It is a question that has been tackled philosophically, theologically and scientifically and all that each categorization was able was to provide us ‘believing humans” a thought. A thought that has been provoking, confusing or sometimes utterly ridiculous.

In its original sense, if anyone would ask me the same question, I would say the meaning of life is life.