The New Year’s Resolution! (For Now and the Years to Come)

Angus-Phil New Year's Resolutions

It all started with a simple curiosity about how this widely celebrated tradition began. The tradition that makes us seek ways to make ourselves better every year. Most of us do it, or rather proclaim that we practice it for the slight tinge of happiness it gets you. And some of us, the pompous beings end up publicizing it in social network and to our friends and families with a slight hope that they would help keep that self-promise.

But in the end, do any of us actually “Stick with the plan”? (Think! Think! Think!)


The Tenacity of a Young Confused Job Hunter


It sometimes is difficult to pitch about what you really want in life. Especially when you are a newbie to the huge worldly politics that constitutes the life of almost all working class people. (By that, I mean anyone who works for a living!)

I chose the word politics because knowingly or unknowingly each one of us has that instinct. The one that knows how to tap into that instinct, well he/she is the one that gets the better of it. But what I would rather focus on is the other half of it, those people who are very much naive, inane or better categorized as the less-experienced. These less-experienced beings are the ones that are easily swayed into doing things that they never wanted to do in the first place.

These so called Job Hunters are going through a phase, where their dominant mental capacity suggests that their priority should be getting a job. But why is their intention narrowed down to just getting a job? There can be numerous personal factors involved.  But I couldn’t help but pry into their life!