Superhero complex

The Superhero Complex – A feeling that you’ve always had!

Why would you read such a post? Is it because you could relate to the title? Or is it because of my shameless publicity?

Either way, it’s fine. You need to read this. You must. Because you know that you can be a superhero too! 🙂

How? Well, that’s definitely up to you to figure out. All I can do is give you a primer and some negative reinforcements.

On that note, let me begin with why I came up with this “larger than life” idea. I am a superhero fanatic. Maybe not as knowledgeable as the geeks who understood and love the recent Batman v/s Superman movie. But still, I am a fanatic.

I have always envisioned myself acquiring some powers that could help me do good. But unluckily enough, I never had a rich dad, nor an alien one, nor did lightning strike me, nor did I have an inhuman experiment done on me. I am what you call, normal. Empathize much? Well yeah, I am like you.

I’ve always wanted to do something extraordinary. Like, save someone’s life (predictable enough), stop a war from happening, stand as a symbol of peace, or maybe even take Donald Trump to a one way trip to Antarctica. Nevertheless, it’s not up to me.

All I can do is get irritated with the silly yet serious happenings around me and whine. Whine like somebody who is afflicted, yet not. (FYI, I’m sober)

Maybe, if at all I had some special powers, I would have done something different. Like all the superheroes we know. “Save The World” they say and yeah they do too. In comics, and movies.

Well, sorry can’t do.

The world is not for me to save. I think it’s more of a collective effort!

Let me rephrase the whole thing in a different perspective.

Our world, the Earth, has about 7 billion intelligent inhabitants. Yet, our world is dying. For so many reasons that even we cannot fathom.

Let me list out a few:

1- Hunger – Who cares if 1/4th of our population is dying of hunger. We’d be happier if we got a Big Mac like, right now!

2- Draught – No water to grow crops? Dying of thirst? That’s okay. No water for taking a lavish hot bath? Well, screw you!

3- Violence – All in the name of peace.

4 – Sexual Abuse – It’s not killing the world. It’s just the way the world is. Stupid ideas messing with our biological attributes for reasons unseen. Yeah, who cares.

Okay, let’s leave the trivial things behind and look at it in a better point of view.

5- Deforestation – Cut the trees, god dammit! We need apartments to live the life of our dreams. We have A/c’s to beat the heat.

6- Global Warming – Ice caps are melting. Okay, isn’t Antarctica and Arctic like far far away?

7- Diseases – I have a medical insurance.

8- Diminishing natural resources – Aey, that’s not our fault. We are still expecting a Nolan-like guy to think up another Interstellar like ship.

9- Non-biodegradable waste – Plastic and China-made things are a big part of our everyday life. No can’t do without it.

Wait for it…there’s just one more thing…which…is Legen…..dary!!

10 – Ignorance

Yes, that! Our presence as humans has radically altered life on earth. And even better news is that our whole freaking species is in jeopardy. (Maybe not too soon, bet definitely sooner)

Do we need a superhero? Yes. Are we really gonna get someone like that? No.

Enough of this unusual banter. Let’s cut us some slack. After all, we are just living a life for a family, a living, a boss, some sexual pleasures, a vacation and some special moments which we can recall when we are 90 and on the death bed.

Yeah, we are definitely superheroes and that too with a hell of a complex!

Sorry to set the bad mood. But, I just couldn’t help it.

Let’s try a different angle shall we?

Every day, you get out of your home in the morning after the “taking care of yourselves” ritual. After that, you head out to earn some money in the materialistic job you have. (Passionate jobs count too!) And then after hours of Social Media, chitchats, and some work, you are done with the day. Tired and sick of this world. (Oh yeah, Thank you world news!) You lay on your comfy bed and maybe after a bit of involuntary scrolls, clicks and likes on Facebook/Twitter you let your eyes rest. And again tomorrow is yet another wonderful day with the same damn routine.

Sounds familiar? (If not, dude, you are too good for this world, do what you do best. Stop reading this crap! If yes, read on.)

Well, what if, you did some small changes to your routine.

Maybe you could be a better person today! Maybe you could do things differently. You could at least try.

You could help someone. Or preach some good thoughts about how we are doing things wrong. Or even get out and justify your life. If you can do all of that, well then, you are a superhero.

How? It’s up to you to figure out.

I’ve done my part. I’ve successfully fed your head with thoughts. If you feel all of what you read is utter crap, then I’m sorry, I’ve failed you!

But, if you think for a moment about all of it and keep your eyes open, everyday of your life. Maybe then, you could, like really “Make a difference”

That’s what superheroes do, right?. Make a difference.

Embrace the superhero in you. Do things that you make you feel content, rather than happy. Change the world a bit, or rather how much ever you can! All of it will definitely add up to something.

Being a superhero is not a child’s play. It’s something you do as an adult.

You may or may not have it in you, but hope, persistence, goodwill and a bit of expressiveness would matter. A huge lot.


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