The New Year’s Resolution! (For Now and the Years to Come)

Angus-Phil New Year's Resolutions

It all started with a simple curiosity about how this widely celebrated tradition began. The tradition that makes us seek ways to make ourselves better every year. Most of us do it, or rather proclaim that we practice it for the slight tinge of happiness it gets you. And some of us, the pompous beings end up publicizing it in social network and to our friends and families with a slight hope that they would help keep that self-promise.

But in the end, do any of us actually “Stick with the plan”? (Think! Think! Think!)

We can blame our ancestors for starting with this hugely over rated tradition. The Babylonians did it, The Egyptians did it, The Romans did it, and The Celts did it, even Pope Gregory XIII on whose name we celebrate 12 months of the year of the Gregorian calendar, followed up with the goodwill that the New Year’s resolutions brought.  It’s all for the good, but believe me, they never understood the will power of us modern human beings. Resolve is as fickle as love, weather or simply for that matter, our thoughts.

(Now, Empathize with me!) Over the years, I took up the resolution to lose weight, gain a great shape, make good use of my time, sleep well, eat healthy, go out to see the world, make new friends, get a good job, get some good family time, quit some of my bad habits, become more organized, learn something new, involve myself in different activities, pray, enhance my knowledge, and whatnot! But in the end, I still haven’t changed as much. Nor have my resolutions. It just peeks up every year-end and tells me,” People out there are doing a lot of great things, Why can’t you? Make a resolution, and keep up with it. And be as good as those great ones! “

I’m still wondering as to why the sudden urge of changing our lives happens at the end of every year!

I guess it’s because all our decisions are time-bound. Everyone loves a perfect timing. Some people even have a fetish about it. With all respects to the religious auspiciousness of time, I still haven’t understood why there should be a right time to do things that we want to. I can understand the tediousness that we go through with our jobs, education, families and every day-to-day happenings. We keep saying that we don’t have the time. But still, we tend to go with that perfect time to do things. Is there really a perfect time for everything? (Rhetorical question, read on!)

This time when the earth completes its rotation around the sun (I mean this year), I will have changed! Or else look at the stars, maybe they will tell you! Or maybe you end up thinking that you are stupid ‘cos you actually considered that idea. Astrologers don’t think so! They just do their mumbo jumbo and predict that your year will be good (Thanks to the stars!) And there, you are happy and contented!


So four days into the New Year 2015, and after reading through helluva lot of resolutions on Facebook and Twitter, I decided that it’s time. It’s time to just jump out of this pointless bandwagon tradition and make a new one for my own good.  I decided that I’ll make a resolution everyday! (Still, time bounded!) At least then I will know whether I have a good resolve or not. By the next morning I’ll be able to figure out what went wrong and then right the wrongs.

Change is difficult! Keeping a resolve takes every bit of your will power. And after following your habitual doings naturally for so long, turning over a new leaf is going to be one of the most difficult things that you are planning to do. Especially, if you made up that resolution with a sane practical mind. (Not with the drunk hung over mind of yours on New Year’s) But if you really ought to do it, then do it in your own style. Stop following what others do, instead make your own routine. Make your own rules and timings. And keep pushing yourself everyday by making fresh resolution every other day.

The big upside if you keep up with this resolution per day method is that:

  1. You won’t have to lie to others about it. (Be truthful to yourself first!)
  2. You won’t feel bad about your broken resolve for the rest of the year. (You may thank your stars!)
  3. You won’t feel others pressurizing you for fulfilling your resolution. (Frankly, do you even care?)
  4. You won’t feel stupid, ‘cos you picked up a day to change your life. (Every year and counting!)
  5. You won’t feel sad about last year’s resolution. (And the ones next year and the following year and so on!)
  6. You won’t have to say, “This time next year, I will become a world-famous star”, and then keep at it even the next year. (If you have what it takes, then you are already a star!)
  7. You won’t let others get irritated with your pushover mindset. (Instead push them over!)
  8. You won’t have any prolonged regrets. (Nor achievements!)
  9. You will find better ways for doing things the right way. (And not doing things the wrong way!)
  10. You will feel good about it, every other day. (Only if you actually do it!)
  11. You will make it easy for yourself to follow-up with your everyday resolution. (In a year you will become omnipotent!)
  12. You will change. (Definitely!)

So unless you are planning to wait for 2016 to come by to change your routine or do things that you always wanted to do, I would suggest making a resolution now, and getting on board with it.

I think that should count as a good thought to start 2015.

Happy New Year! 🙂


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