The Tenacity of a Young Confused Job Hunter


It sometimes is difficult to pitch about what you really want in life. Especially when you are a newbie to the huge worldly politics that constitutes the life of almost all working class people. (By that, I mean anyone who works for a living!)

I chose the word politics because knowingly or unknowingly each one of us has that instinct. The one that knows how to tap into that instinct, well he/she is the one that gets the better of it. But what I would rather focus on is the other half of it, those people who are very much naive, inane or better categorized as the less-experienced. These less-experienced beings are the ones that are easily swayed into doing things that they never wanted to do in the first place.

These so called Job Hunters are going through a phase, where their dominant mental capacity suggests that their priority should be getting a job. But why is their intention narrowed down to just getting a job? There can be numerous personal factors involved.  But I couldn’t help but pry into their life!

I have seen, heard and observed people from different backgrounds, with different aspirations, ambitions and a distinctly different way of looking at life. A common factor among most of these people is that they don’t really know what they want in life. Maybe it’s because they haven’t yet figured out their so called destiny, or they might be waiting for an inside call, or they are too naïve to figure it out on their own. But the bottom line is that their mind is fixated with the most obvious things that they could accomplish. There is utterly no involvement of thinking outside the box when it comes to living their life.

Now try seeing this same scenario with a slight tinge of optimism. You get to see that people are trying to bring out their latent potential to reach out to the world and make a difference.  But making a difference may have a different definition for each. The idea that they are programmed with is mostly the same. The way of going along with that idea to make a difference, that’s where the whole competition factor comes in.

Life is pretty much like a race. And people compete with each other at all stances, whether they like it or not. Irrespective of their talent, accomplishments, goodwill and approach, they still get stalled at some point or the other. The moment when you get that gut feeling to go forth with a decision of yours, might be the same moment when a thousand others gets the same feeling.

Let me just make my point with something I experienced.

The other day, I went for a walk-in interview at an IT firm. I saw a multitude of youngsters who had a common goal. Get through the process and get the job. The competition that could be found there was simply the outcome of what the colleges and schools prepared them for. Most of them there weren’t entirely sure of whether they wanted that job or not. But at that moment that is exactly what their intuitions told them. So I casually asked a few fellow competitors about how they felt about the firm and the job. Few were too formal and while talking, that they presented the image of “Shut the hell up, I don’t want to lose my focus!”  Then there were a few ignorant ones, who looked like they came to the interview just for the sake of it.  And the other friendly few started chatting with me about how they didn’t get through the placements in college and wanted a job just so that they could stop people from judging them and get through in life. (Frankly, I could easily be any one of them!)

So there, that was the common enemy to almost all the people sitting there. They were judged by someone or the other.

Well that’s how life is for almost all graduates in their 20’s. People expect things from you. They judge you based on your capacity to fulfill those expectations. They expect you to excel in your education, go forth and get a job with a great pay, work , work and work irrespective of whether you love the job or not (If you love the job, then try empathizing!) Then gain the experience in the field of your study and then try and climb ladders! Now that is the outcome of the wavering tenacity of most of the youngsters looking for a job in today’s job market!

But contradicting the fact, this idea actually sounds good. (Obviously, ‘cos millions do the same!) It’s like how you cut and slash through the branches, leaves and shrubs while going through a forest to find a new way of life. You make your own path by learning a bit here and there and get few bruises along the journey and at times certain excitements. And in the end you reach a place which you never foresaw.

But then what if you don’t really like the other side of the forest and decide that you want to go back? Would it be that easy? Well if you have an iron clad determination, then you would try and find another way since going back would be returning to the older life. And then there are people who just learn to live there, without thinking about what they really wanted In the first place. They just get stuck there and then move on with that life. The most important thing that they forget is that “There is always a choice!” You can find a way, but only if you really want to!

People are judgmental. And they will be, for all time to come. They will say that we must follow the same path taken and continue with all the drama and politics associated with it for earning your fair share of a good living.  But if you are smart and you have the tenacity to do great things in life, then despite the competition you will stand out of the crowd. Maybe it will take some good time for you to figure out what you really want to do in life. But you should never hold back. There is a lot you can do in life. You shouldn’t limit it to a job or a career. Just push yourself and give the best you can into whatever opportunity you bump into. Believe me, if you do, then you won’t have any real regrets. Instead, you will have a life that fits your expectations.

And when you do, you can feel good about it, because you will do it in your own style!


  1. Pretty much I believe of the intention of getting narrowed down to only “Getting a Job” primarily constitutes the history of his choice of higher education. This choice can b either forceful (melodrama or threat from “you know who” :P, coz its not good to publicly blame them lolz) or “a degree just for sake” attitude.
    As college its obvious that we know what our surroundings were for the past four years and that can also b a cause of draining the enthusiasm of some people and lowering their intention levels to the above mentioned category.

    A change in attitude must be brought in not just among the youngsters but the society as a whole and the system of education that is being practiced if there is any hope of any change for the better.

    (Well I know you hav mentioned all f this… But… I want to type smthn if this must come as a reply naa)

    Keep the words flowing… and by the way… “Thaanentha Ivide”? 😀 😛

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  2. Vipin – Thanks a lot for the comment buddy!

    The things is that its not easy to change the system. Be it in India or the rest of the world. These systems were made to make each others distinct. Even though the syllabus and the theory for teaching may be similar, the method and approach towards teaching is different.

    In India, the universities give more concern to create a good theoretical foundation to the students. Be it Engineering, Commerce, Arts or any other diploma’s, they follow the same criteria. It is good in its own way, because those students that get out of their tedious years in college end up with the knowledge of one too many things. But they hardly specialize on a particular skill in their early years.

    In the west, people tend to learn and develop skills that might be useful for their trade. The trade being electronics, computers, business or any other field that they want to follow up. They get a proper practical approach along with their theoretical knowledge. But they still prefer Indians or Asians generally for building up their foundations or simply to practicalize their theory. The big reason for the large number of branches (especially MNC’s) in Asia, namely India and China.

    But if all the youngster are able to perceive this idea with an open mind, then it’l be helpful to the society as a whole!


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