Faith v/s Belief … an unending contradiction !

540_293_resize_20130301_6b17abd785c08959712d6ce1508ee458_jpg FaithVsReasonfaith

What do I believe in??  ..On what do I have faith in?? ..Must I believe or have faith??
They are those alarming questions that has been riddling my mind since long. It kind of deceives my idea of being a rationalist in the way of thinking and a believer in the perspective of social acceptance. Delving into the depths and referring to many scripts, documentaries and projections by different capable minds, I came to a conclusion.

Faith, in all its aspects, is acceptance. Faith is undeniably an outcome of a conviction and is presumably the creator of determination and confidence. Faith can be referred to as a personal ideal or a feeling that one possesses and pursues throughout their lives. It could be on a religious figure, a totem, a person or an occurrence. It could be simply put forward as trusting one’s own thoughts, ideas and instincts. Whereas belief is a medium to channel faith.

As a Hindu by religion, I have come across hundreds of deities, stories and superstitions. And in a society of people, who worship gods to amend to their will, belief plays a big role. It defines the way people live. It defines their motives, the way of conducting themselves, the way of finding solace and unmistakably their actions. Believing in a religion accounts to going to their respective worship places, offerings to their deities/gods and creating an idea that makes you think all will be well.  The numerous number of worship places all over the world suggests the same. Making the concept simpler, all of them just constitutes the creation of Positive energy.

In retrospect, it has been happening for a very long time. The basic idea that all religions convey is somewhat similar. There is an almighty who looks upon you and knows all that you think and do. Even if you hide things from fellow humans, it/he/she will know. That is the chant that all religions convey in their own unique way. It gives each human, a perspective to live on. And a basic rule that they abide in their lives. To make that idea convincing, we have the millions of gods from different religions for different occurrences. But then the question arises, ” Why do we believe?”

From the years that have come, discoveries have chiseled through believes. Be it the Big bang, Evolution, the Universe or even Matter. Scientists have been challenging religion, since a very long time. But they still have questions that are yet to be answered. And with each new discovery the number of questions increases along with the amplitude of the contradictions of Science and Religion.

Faith and Belief are quite profoundly referred to as synonyms. Even though, they are not quite the same. Faith can be explained as a belief that is not based on proof. Whereas belief can be explained as putting a regard in as true. Now do we follow something that doesn’t have proof or do we follow something that is fabricated enough for us to understand. That question is completely left to one’s own self.

Thinking about it diversely, Faith and Belief is something of a parallel feeling that we express and carry in our day to day life. Every one of us needs an incentive to live. This feeling gives us that incentive that helps us face each day of our lives. Be it good or bad, we still have something that tells us that it will be okay. And that feeling is what we name as Faith and Belief.

Do we have faith in ourselves? If we do, then do we believe in ourselves?

Ask yourselves that question and you will actually find an answer ringing inside. The most palpable understanding will constitute a rational idea. But then again, when you think deeper your ideas contradict. And that contradiction is what pushes you forward to find answers. Being a rationalist, allows you to be broadminded. It helps you to understand, reason and find out about different ideas and why they exist. It is one of the obvious way to open up and be wiser. Whereas if you stick to the ideas that were fabricated for your easy understanding, then you might just end up with a narrow mind with no option of reasoning to facts. The same can be applied to your friends, families and your confidence or trust in them or vice versa.

There are many versions of the same thought projected by different people. But the matter that makes you understand the depth of this creation, will definitely provide you insight. Spiritual, Virtual or Real, all of them are related and are constituents of mind. They are what directs you to believe. And they are what forces you to channel your faith through your beliefs.

Closing up on this vast ocean of an idea is not easy, and never will be. Each and every statement made on Faith and Belief will definitely have a counter. But then it is entirely left to minds of the people on what they choose. Breaking the barriers of fabricated truth and understanding the depth of a proof less entity, it is a choice that is left to the free minds of the world to explore.

So, till the time all truths are unfolded…..and all the contradictions are dealt with….

Have faith…….then Believe you will !!!!!

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