Change…is the thought that’s inevitable !


Change is inevitable.

Gosh, I have heard it a thousand times from different people in different situations. But still the question of “Why?” ponders in my head.

Well, if you ask me, change is nature and nature is change. That is all the philosophical bit I can come up about it.

In a perspective of a young individual about to step up into the so-called “Fast moving world”, I feel that change is something that happens around us. All that we do is adjust to its development and grow with it. Just like a creeper, that creeps along the hold it has. No matter where it is directed to. Twenty-one years it took for me to discover the changeable attributes in me. And in that time span I have been so used to them that, changing them seems to be more like inevitable rather than becoming the change.

Gandhi said that “We must be the change we want to see.” In retrospect, he did get India independence, but then India changed. Thanks to the millions of Indians all over the world. Then came the concept of growth associated with the so-called change. Growth apparently is intentional. It’s all the more contradictory that people go by these words and still do the same damn thing they do normally.

Thinking out of the box, if everyone on this planet acted to what they want to change, then probably we will be living in an alienated world where money is rhetorical, love is available as easy as air, luxuries are just a concept and the planet earth would be a partitioned into bits with rulers, kings, conquerors, leaders creating the ultra modern and distinct model of The Game of Thrones. Oh well, the moon will still be there, probably with banners and placards that have advertisements and as a tourist destination. A sole place of peace.

Change, the way it is, can be associated with umpteen categories. Although keeping the thoughts on a leash, would still be a problem. In a kids perspective, change could be all that he/she can bring about once they are big enough to face the world. In a teenager’s point of view, change could be the way he/she behaves to people or even how their friends/lovers/parents behave to them. But then that’s a thought for an unsettled mind. And maybe that is the reason why “Change is …….  “, is a repetitive concept brought forth to the young moldable minds by all those human friendly Counsellors,Therapists,Pastors,Docs,Best friend’s and those people who think they know much about change by experience. In an adult perspective, change is all that they have become. Well, life took a toll on them, things happened good and bad and it happen for the better. Bhagavad gita did say “Sambhavami yuge yuge” i.e “Whatever happens is for good, will be for good and is nothing but for good.” That is just the heights of optimism it brings forth. By the time you are old, I guess it might make some sense. The so-called change, if it happened for the better then you will be a believer or else you will have plenty quirky and interesting stories to tell about it.

Life is an entity that is profoundly influenced by change. The dictionary might define it as “a difference” or rather “being different or indifferent” for that matter. In a optimistic way it all fits. It all gives a solace to the heart and mind. People change according to their situation, happening and still continue to be that someone who he/she thinks or believes is.

So in the end, its just changing the way things are, rather than being the change.

It all so happened with a food for thought that Benjamin Franklin said, “When you are finished changing, you are finished.”

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